FTSA103-250 Food Suction and Discharge Hose – White Chlorobutyl Tube, Textile Reinforced, Monofilament Helix, 2.5″ ID, 150 psi, -30°F to 220°F

This heavy-duty food suction and discharge hose is designed for use in food service where oil resistance is required. White chlorobutyl tube meets FDA requirement for the transfer of oil and water based food products. Produced on chrome mandrels for smoothest tube finish in FDA applications and crush resistant monofilment helical design.

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White Chlorobutyl






-30°F to 220°F

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Behold the FTSA103-250, the unbeatable heavy-duty food suction and discharge hose that is an absolute must-have for any food service application. For those in the culinary and food processing industries, the paramount importance of oil resistance cannot be overstated. The FTSA103-250 delivers! Its white chlorobutyl tube satisfies the high FDA standard for the transfer of oil and water-based food products. This feature makes the FTSA103-250 the ideal solution for a broad range of industrial processing tasks.

Mandrels made of chrome are used in the production of the FTSA103-250, which has a crush-resistant monofilament helical design that results in the smoothest tube finish possible for FDA-approved applications. Its textile reinforcement further enhances its long-lastingness and sturdiness, efficiently undertaking pressures of up to 150 psi. The FTSA103-250’s operating temperature ranges from -30°F to 220°F, making it also suitable for usage in varying climates and temperature conditions.

The FTSA103-250 suction and discharge hose are perfect for a wide range of businesses—from small-scale food service business owners to industrial food processors. The hose gives users peace of mind, assuring them that their equipment can handle diverse ranges of liquid food products with ease. Upgrade to the FTSA103-250 suction and discharge hose today, advance your productivity, improve efficiency, and achieve consistently high-quality standards. Don’t settle for less than the best. Choose FTSA103-250 suction and discharge hose for unmatched quality in the food service industry.

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