Food Grade Nitrile Hose for Cooking Oil Transfer – White Nitrile Tube, Wire Braid Reinforcement, 0.75″ ID, High Temp Resistant (-40°F to 350°F), 300 PSI, 6″ Bend Radius, F020105-075

This heavy-duty nitrile hose is specifically designed for the transfer of edible oil hose. The high temp construction resists the high heat extending the service life for use with fryers for filtering and recycling cooking oil. Refer to manufacturer for proper care and maintenance.

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White Nitrile




-40°F to 350°F

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If you require a sturdy and reliable nitrile hose to transfer edible oil, then feast your eyes on the exceptional F020105-075! Perfectly crafted for the food and beverage industry, this hose has been engineered specifically for the transfer of edible oils, eliminating any concerns related to safety and sanitation.

Manufactured from high-quality materials, the F020105-075 boasts impressive high-temperature resistance, effortlessly withstanding intense heat generated by fryers. This means that you can efficiently filter and recycle your cooking oil without being concerned about your hose breaking down or melting. Investing in the F020105-075 not only extends the life of your cooking oil filtration system but also ensures you have a sturdy and dependable hose at your disposal.

Safety is paramount when it comes to handling food products, which is why the tube of the F020105-075 has been constructed from white nitrile, making it perfectly safe for food processing use. Furthermore, the wire braid reinforcement enhances the hose’s strength and robustness, allowing it to handle heavy-duty applications without compromising its integrity.

The F020105-075 can be used in a range of environments, thanks to its impressive temperature range of -40°F to 350°F. With an inner diameter of 0.75 inches and an outer diameter of 1.25 inches, this hose has a pressure rating of 300 psi and a burst ratio safety factor of 04:01:00. It boasts an enviable bend radius of 6 inches, further enhancing its functionality in cramped workspaces.

To maintain the longevity of the F020105-075, ensure it receives proper care and maintenance guided by the manufacturer’s instructions. Ideal for industrial food processing and restaurant owners seeking a specific type of hose for transferring edible oils, order your F020105-075 today and experience the remarkable difference of industrial-grade nitrile hose.

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