High Temp Resistant Nitrile Hose for Edible Oil Transfer | 0.5 In. x 50 Ft. | White Nitrile Tube & Wire Braid Reinforcement | -40°F to 350°F Temperature | 300 PSI Pressure Rating | Burst Safety Factor 04:01:00 | Bend Radius 6 | F020105-050

This heavy-duty nitrile hose is specifically designed for the transfer of edible oil hose. The high temp construction resists the high heat extending the service life for use with fryers for filtering and recycling cooking oil. Refer to manufacturer for proper care and maintenance.

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White Nitrile




-40°F to 350°F

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Behold, our brand-new heavy-duty nitrile hose, crafted meticulously with precision and expertise, to cater exclusively to the transfer of edible oil. No matter if you’re recycling or filtering your cooking oil, this high temperature hose is an indispensable addition to your kitchen equipment, ensuring that your fryers will last longer and provide you with an unparalleled frying experience.

Crafted with white nitrile tubing, this hose is not only robust but also food and beverage transfer safety-rated, ensuring you are worry-free while transferring foods. It’s further strengthened with wire braid reinforcement, making it capable of tolerating high pressure and heavy-duty usage.

This hose can effortlessly endure high-temperature conditions ranging from -40°F to 350°F, making it the ideal choice to perform in extreme industrial kitchens. With an inner diameter of 0.5 inches and an outer diameter of 1.05 inches, the nitrile hose suits a variety of applications, making it a versatile equipment choice.

Moreover, with a pressure capacity of 300 psi and a 4:1:1 burst ratio safety-factor, the heavy-duty nitrile hose delivers optimum performance and unmatched reliability. Flexibility is key, and this hose boasts a bend radius of 6 inches, making maneuvering, and placement a hassle-free task.

While in use, always ensure you’re following the manufacturer’s instructions for proper maintenance to get the most out of this reliable and top-of-the-line nitrile hose. Let this essential equipment elevate your oil filtering and recycling process today!

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