Clear PVC FDA Compliant Tubing for Liquid Drain or Transport – Lightweight, 70A Durometer, 0.25in x 0.44in, 25°F to 150°F – SKU

A lightweight PVC tubing for use in liquid drain or transportation, meets FDA requirements. For use as a lightweight gasket or grommet material. 70A Durometer tubing for a wide variety of applications.

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Clear PVC FDA Compliant


25°F to 150°F

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Our PVC tubing is here, and it is nothing short of remarkable. Introducing our incredibly lightweight 1015114-025-044 tubing; it reigns king when it comes to liquid transportation and drainage. Notably, it is FDA compliant, thus offering the ideal durability and flexibility required for a wide range of functions.

Our tubing (made with a 70A Durometer) is an unprecedented choice and offers pinpoint accuracy when it comes to functionality. The Clear PVC material used to make it is different. It is not only odorless, tasteless, non-toxic but also conforms to FDA standards. This makes it a great option for the food and beverage industry.

Our tubing is the epitome of versatility, as shown by its impressive range of attributes. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures, from 25°F to 150°F. This feature makes it suitable in industries that require tubing of varied temperatures. Its internal diameter of 0.25 inches and an outer diameter of 0.44 inches also make it a remarkable choice.

When it comes to high-pressure applications, our tubing stays on top, with a burst pressure of 174 psi. Safety is always our topmost priority. Moreover, it is lightweight, making it easy to transport and install, weighing 6 pounds per foot. It is one of the most cost-effective tubing options you will find in the market.

Purchase our 1015114-025-044 tubing today and feel the weight of the long-lasting, durable, and easy-to-use product suitable for a wide range of applications. Trust us; the wait has been worthwhile.

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