M007101-025 Nitrile Multipurpose Hose for Air, Water, Light Oils and Chemicals – 0.25″ ID, 0.54″ OD, 300 PSI Rating – Industrial Grade Textile Reinforcement – Highly Conductive!

This high quality multipurpose hose designed for use in industrial applications for the transfer of air, water, light oils and chemicals. The black nitrile tube is non-conductive, minimum electrical resistance greater than 1 megohm per inch of length of hose at 1000 volts DC.

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Black Nitrile




-20°F to 210°F

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Meet the M007101-025 – the versatile and high-quality multipurpose hose that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of industrial applications where the transfer of air, water, light oils, and chemicals is a must. This exceptional hose stands out not only for its well-thought-out design but also for its superior quality attributes.

With a sturdy black nitrile tube that is both non-conductive and offers a minimum electrical resistance of up to 1 megohm per inch of hose length at 1000 volts DC, it’s the most reliable choice for your industrial needs.

The M007101-025’s unmatched quality is noteworthy not just in its composition but also in its distinct features. Its black nitrile tube is resistant to abrasion, heat, and oil, while the textile reinforcement ensures that it remains structurally sound even when exposed to demanding environments. With an impressive temperature range of -20°F to 210°F, this hose serves as a reliable resource under any temperature-controlled space.

This versatile hose, with a diameter of 0.25 inches and an outside diameter of 0.54 inches, can fit into an array of industrial pipelines conveniently. More so, it has a 300 psi pressure rating with a 4:01:00 burst ratio safety factor, making it an ideal choice for your industrial applications. Also, its lightweight composition, weighing only 0.14lbs/ft helps reduce handling fatigue, making it a convenient option when you need to move it around.

Whether you need to transfer water, air, light oils or chemicals, the M007101-025 multipurpose hose offers an excellent option for your industrial applications. Its top-notch features, coupled with excellent durability, versatility, and resilience, make it a top-of-the-line option that delivers unmatched output. Experience reliable problem-solving capabilities like never before by adding the M007101-025 to your industrial toolkit today!

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