Heavy Duty Four-Ply Sandblast Hose | Abrasion Resistant & Conductive Tube | TEXTILE Reinforcement | -40°F to 180°F Temperature | 1.25″ ID, 2.17″ OD, 150 PSI, 7″ Bend Radius

This heavy duty four ply sandblast hose is specifically designed for use sandblast applications where highly abrasive silica and other abrasives are conveyed at high velocity. The highly abrasion resistant and robust tube prevents kinking and premature internal wear.

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Black NR/BR Abrasive Resistant- Conductive




-40°F to 180°F

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Burst Ration (safety factor)


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Get ready to blast away with the heavy-duty four-ply sandblast hose, SKU 4009103-125. Tailored specifically for sandblast applications, this hose is the perfect choice for conveying highly abrasive materials at high speeds. Say goodbye to kinking, wear, and premature damage – this hose is here to keep your sandblast operation running smoothly.

The sandblast hose boasts durability and abrasion resistance, thanks to its robust and highly responsive black NR/BR Abrasive Resistant-Conductive material. Reinforced with textile for maximum strength, this hose can handle a range of temperatures, from as low as -40°F to as high as 180°F, making it incredibly versatile for various environments.

The hose’s impressive 1.25-inch inner diameter and 2.17-inch outer diameter can withstand intense pressures of up to 150 psi and a 03:01:00 burst ratio (safety factor). Featuring a bend radius of 7 inches, the sandblast hose is flexible enough for easy maneuverability.

This product is part of our Material Handling & Mining category, specifically tailored to handle sandblast applications for Material Handling & Mining. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, invest in uncompromising quality and reliable performance with the 4009103-125 sandblast hose.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Look no further than this sandblast hose to serve your abrasive conveying needs with unmatched efficiency and ease. Order now and experience the incredible power and efficiency of this sandblast hose for yourself!

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