Heavy-Duty Petroleum Suction & Discharge Hose | 150 PSI, Nitrile Tube, Textile Reinforcement, Steel Helix | Suitable for Offshore Oil Transfer, Tank Truck, Oilfield Transfer and Oil Pumping Applications

This heavy-duty petroleum suction and discharge hose is designed for use with oils, petroleum based products, and refined fuels. For use in offshore oil transfer, tank truck, oilfield transfer and oil pumping applications with aromatic content up to 50%.

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-22°F to 180°F

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Say hello to the incredibly resilient and heavy-duty 2001103-125 petroleum suction and discharge hose! This trusty hose is specifically crafted to endure the toughest of conditions when handling oils, petroleum-based products, and refined fuels. It’s the perfect solution for offshore oil transfer, tank truck, oilfield transfer, and oil pumping applications. Engineered to be able to handle aromatic content up to 50%, it’s truly built to last.

This superb hose is constructed with a combination of strong materials including nitrile tubing, textile reinforcement, and steel helix, ensuring it can handle heavy-duty industrial workloads with ease. With an impressive ID of 1.25 inches and an even more impressive OD of 1.69 inches, this hose can deliver a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. It’s suitable for use in a wide variety of industries, operating with a temperature range of -22°F to 180°F.

Safety is a top priority with this hose, boasting an impressive burst ratio of 03:01:00. It’s incredibly sturdy and robust, capable of withstanding even the most user-demanding applications. This hose offers versatile benefits, making it ideal for a huge variety of industrial applications.

If you’re in the offshore oil, truck, oilfield, or oil pumping industries, then the petroleum suction and discharge hose is an excellent choice. Designed with exceptional durability and reliable performance, you can depend on this hose to handle even the toughest conditions. The 2001103-125 is the ultimate solution to meet all of your industrial needs. So why wait? Order now and experience unbeatable quality and performance today!

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