Heavy-Duty Composite Water Suction Hose – 3″ ID, 200 PSI | Flexible Design for Sewer Bypass, Dewatering, and Water Transfer Pumping Station | Natural Polypropylene Tube with Galvanized Inner and Outer Helix

This heavy-duty suction and discharge composite hose is designed for use in water transfer applications. The flexible design is perfect for sewer bypass, dewatering or any other heavy duty water transfer pumping station. In applications where bend radius and weight are an issue with rubber, water trasfer composite is the perfect solution.

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Natural polypropylene



Inner Helix


Outer Helix



-40°F to 212°F

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Say hello to your next go-to water transfer solution! The 1C01205-300 heavy-duty suction and discharge composite hose is the perfect fix for those requiring a top-notch transfer system with unbeatable durability. Its flexible design makes it a winner for sewer bypass, dewatering, and heavy-duty water transfer pumping stations that demand agility and a light footprint. You can forget about limiting bend radius and weight issues thanks to this hose’s revolutionary construction that challenges rubber alternatives.

Constructed with natural polypropylene materials, this hose is built for the long haul. The 1C01205-300’s polyfiber reinforcing is impressively strong and can handle high-pressure situations with ease. Designed to withstand harsh environments and rough use, this composite hose is a testament to its long-lasting use. The inner helix is galvanized, and the outer helix is GALVANIZED, providing resistance to corrosion while maintaining strength and durability.

The 1C01205-300 boasts an incredible temperature range from ‘-40°F to 212°F, ensuring operation in extreme temperatures without compromising results. This temperatures range is impressive and ensures consistent, optimal performance even in the most challenging conditions. The hose has an internal diameter of 3 inches and an external diameter of 3.36 inches, making it the ideal size to transfer water effectively while remaining lightweight.

For reliable, long-lasting water transfer, your next order must include the 1C01205-300 heavy-duty suction and discharge composite hose. Crafted to meet your toughest challenges, this hose is resistant to the rigors of the most difficult water transfer activities. Order your 1C01205-300 today and enjoy outstanding results in all your water transfer applications.

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