High Quality Nitrile Multipurpose Hose for Industrial Air, Water, and Chemical Transfer – 1.5″ x 150′, 400 PSI – M010101-150

This high quality multipurpose hose designed for use in industrial applications for the transfer of air, water, light oils and chemicals. The black nitrile tube is non-conductive, minimum electrical resistance greater than 1 megohm per inch of length of hose at 1000 volts DC.

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Black Nitrile




-20°F to 210°F

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OD (in)


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We are thrilled to present our M010101-150 multipurpose hose, a versatile and practical solution for a variety of industrial applications. This hose is designed to transfer air, water, light oils, and chemicals with ease. Our product is made of high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of industrial use, making it a dependable and long-lasting option that you can count on.

The black nitrile tube of our M010101-150 multipurpose hose is non-conductive, providing a minimum electrical resistance greater than 1 megohm per inch of length at 1000 volts DC, making it a highly secure choice for a wide range of industrial applications. Additionally, its textile reinforcement adds extra stability and enhances its resistance to wear and tear.

Our product has an inner diameter of 1.5 inches and an outer diameter of 2.08 inches withstanding temperatures ranging from -20°F to 210°F. Whether you require an extensive range of chemicals or need to work in colder environments, our multipurpose hose ensures reliable performance in the most challenging conditions.

This hose has a stunning pressure capacity of 400 psi and a burst ratio of 04:01:00, ensuring optimal and dependable performance when you need it the most. Our M010101-150 multipurpose hose is an easy-to-install and user-friendly product that you can rely on when you need it the most.

Our multipurpose hose is available at a competitive price, ensuring that you get excellent value for your investment. Moreover, its high-quality construction ensures that it serves you for an extended period, making it a cost-effective solution for your industrial requirements.

In conclusion, our M010101-150 multipurpose hose is a reliable, durable, and versatile choice for your industrial needs, with a high-quality construction that assures optimal performance even under the most demanding conditions. Experience its convenience and durability by placing an order with us today, and enjoy the benefits of a dependable, multipurpose hose.

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