High-Quality Multipurpose Hose for Industrial Applications – Nitrile Tube, Textile Reinforcement, 0.75″ ID x 1.18″ OD, 400psi Pressure, -20°F to 210°F Temperature Range

This high quality multipurpose hose designed for use in industrial applications for the transfer of air, water, light oils and chemicals. The black nitrile tube is non-conductive, minimum electrical resistance greater than 1 megohm per inch of length of hose at 1000 volts DC.

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Black Nitrile




-20°F to 210°F

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Welcome to the world of M010101-075, a versatile and durable multipurpose hose designed to cater to a variety of industrial needs. This high-quality hose is an exceptional choice for transferring air, water, light oils, and chemicals, making it a perfect pick for numerous industries.

The hose’s black nitrile tube comes with a minimum electrical resistance of greater than 1 megohm per inch of the hose’s length at 1000 volts DC, which makes it non-conductive. The notable resilience and robustness make it a go-to choice for many industries as it resists wear and tear effectively.

Apart from the strength provided by the black nitrile tube, the M010101-075 comes with textile reinforcement which adds to its immense durability. The temperature range of this hose is from -20°F to 210°F, making it an ideal choice in extreme climatic conditions. The hose has an internal diameter of 0.75 inches and an external diameter of 1.18 inches and can withstand a pressure of up to 400 psi, while the burst ratio is maintained at 04:01:00, allowing for an excellent safety factor.

Thanks to its light weight of only 0.42 lbs/ft, the M010101-075 is effortless to manage and convenient to handle, making it ideal for many different applications. Whether it is agriculture, construction, or mining, this hose blends seamlessly well with numerous industries that require a flexible, reliable, durable, and multifaceted multipurpose hose.

To sum it up, if you are seeking a hose that is easy to handle, versatile, and suited to industrial applications that demand resilience, durability, and dependable service, M010101-075 is the perfect choice for you. Order now and experience the utmost satisfaction.

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