Industrial Multipurpose Hose for Air, Water, Light Oils & Chemicals | Non-Conductive Nitrile Tube | 0.25in x 0.61in OD | 400psi, Burst Ratio 04:01:00

This high quality multipurpose hose designed for use in industrial applications for the transfer of air, water, light oils and chemicals. The black nitrile tube is non-conductive, minimum electrical resistance greater than 1 megohm per inch of length of hose at 1000 volts DC.

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Black Nitrile




-20°F to 210°F

ID (in)


OD (in)


Pressure (psi)


Burst Ration (safety factor)





Are you in search of a highly adaptable and sturdy industrial hose that can transfer air, water, light oils and chemicals seamlessly? Look no further, the M010101-025 industrial hose is here to fulfill all your needs.

Crafted out of a specially formulated black nitrile tube, this innovative hose is engineered to be non-conductive, with a minimum electrical resistance greater than 1 megohm per inch of hose length at 1000 volts DC. This unique feature makes it safe to use in an array of environments and significantly reduces the risks of electrical hazards.

This flexible yet resilient hose enjoys exceptional textile reinforcement that guarantees extra strength and endurance against wear and tear, allowing it to withstand a broad temperature range of -20°F to 210°F. The M010101-025 industrial hose boasts an impressive pressure rating of 400 PSI and an unrivaled safety factor of 04:01:00.

Manufactured to perfection, this multipurpose hose is the perfect solution for an extensive range of industries ranging from manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and many more. As an all-in-one apparatus accommodating air, water, light oils, and chemicals, this hose is exceedingly versatile and guarantees safety and ultimate satisfaction in its use.

If you’re on the lookout for a reliable and efficient industrial hose, be sure to opt for the M010101-025 industrial hose. With its exceptional performance, durable construction guaranteed to surpass your expectations, order yours today at an incredibly competitive price. Upgrade your industrial apparatus today and join the satisfied clientele of this unbeatable product.

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