Economy Multipurpose Hose for Industrial, Agricultural, and Commercial Use – Black EPDM Tube, TEXTILE Reinforcement, (-40°F to 210°F) Temperature Range – 0.25″ ID, 250 PSI, 0.11 lbs/ft – M005101-025

This economy multipurpose hose designed for use in industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications for the transfer of air, water, and light chemicals. The durable EPDM tube and cover stand up to a high range of temperature changes and remains extremely flexible.

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Black EPDM




-40°F to 210°F

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Step into the future of industrial and agricultural solutions with the M005101-025, a versatile and dependable multipurpose hose that promises effective transfer of air, water, and light chemicals. Boasting a rugged construction and efficient design, this economy hose is the ultimate solution for all your air and multipurpose transferring needs.

Crafted from exceptional quality EPDM, both the tube and cover are durable and long-lasting, making them impervious to extreme temperature changes while remaining remarkably flexible. Categorized under the Air & Multipurpose and Black Multipurpose Hose categories, this hose is ideal for a range of industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications, making it the perfect all-in-one solution.

With a tube made of black EPDM and reinforced with textile, this hose is built to last. The hose can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to 210°F, making it an ideal choice for a diverse range of applications. Measuring 0.25 ID inches and 0.53 OD inches, the M005101-025 is lightweight at 0.11 lbs/ft, making it incredibly easy to handle.

This multipurpose hose is designed to withstand frequent wear and tear, ensuring consistency and dependability throughout your projects. The M005101-025 boasts an impressive pressure of 250 PSI and is engineered with a burst ratio safety factor of 04:01:00, making it a reliable and efficient solution for transferring air and water in any field.

The M005101-025 is incredibly versatile and will adapt to any setting. Whether you need it in industrial, agriculture, or commercial applications, this hose guarantees reliability and longevity, reducing interruptions to your work and increasing productivity.

Invest in the M005101-025 today, and discover why it’s the preferred choice among our satisfied customers. We stand behind the quality of our products and are proud to offer the best in the market. Trust us to fulfill all your industrial and agricultural needs, and we will deliver beyond your expectations!

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