Food Grade Nitrile Hose for Edible Oil Transfer – High Temp Resistant, Wire Braided Reinforcement, 0.63in ID, 1.15in OD, 300psi, 6in Bend Radius

This heavy-duty nitrile hose is specifically designed for the transfer of edible oil hose. The high temp construction resists the high heat extending the service life for use with fryers for filtering and recycling cooking oil. Refer to manufacturer for proper care and maintenance.

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White Nitrile




-40°F to 350°F

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Are you searching for the ideal hose to transfer edible oil for your food and beverage business? Discover the F020105-063 heavy-duty nitrile hose that meets all your requirements. This superior hose is meticulously designed for high-temperature use, making it perfect for filtering and recycling cooking oil in fryers. The wire braid reinforcement increases durability, ensuring that it lasts a long time.

Thanks to its white nitrile tubing, the F020105-063 transfers edible oils safely and efficiently. At temperatures ranging from -40°F to 350°F, this hose can handle various climates. It boasts a pressure rating of 300 psi and a burst ratio of 04:01:00, a dependable option for all your needs. Its bend radius of 6 also makes it easy to maneuver and operate in restricted spaces.

To ensure that your hose lasts as long as possible, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions for correct care and maintenance. The F020105-063 provides you with the confidence that you’re employing the best equipment for your commercial foodservice needs. Upgrade to this high-quality nitrile hose today and optimize your business’s efficiency.

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