Food Grade Edible Oil Waste Disposal Hose – 0.63″ ID x 1.15″ OD, CPE Tube, 300 PSI – Heavy Duty Industrial Wire Braid Reinforced Hose, -40°F to 350°F

This heavy-duty hose is specifically designed for the transfer of edible oil waste disposal. The CPE construction resists the high heat extending the service life. Refer to manufacturer for proper care and maintenance.

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Black CPE




-40°F to 350°F

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Welcome to the world of F019102-063 heavy-duty hoses, exclusively crafted for the Food & Beverage industry, with a focus on edible oil waste disposal. This unique hose is an epitome of quality, durability and reliability, making it a perfect choice for the most challenging industrial applications.

Built to last, the tube of this F019102-063 hose is made of superior Black CPE material that is specifically designed to withstand high temperatures. This key feature adds an exceptional level of durability and reliability to the hose, making it a reliable and trustworthy option for transferring edible oil waste.

Reinforced with wire braid, the F019102-063 is further empowered with the strength needed to withstand high pressures of up to 300psi, and an impressive burst ratio of 04:01:00, ensuring that it provides the ultimate solution for transferring edible oil waste.

This industrial-grade hose has been expertly designed to provide flexibility and kink resistance while ensuring seamless flow without any disruptions, thanks to its optimal bending radius of just 6. This feature makes it a preferred choice for installations with limited space.

Offering a wide temperature range of -40°F to 350°F, the F019102-063 hose can withstand extreme environments, ensuring that your industrial needs are met with ease. To optimize the performance of this hose, we recommend you consult with the manufacturer for proper care and maintenance.

It’s a smart choice to opt for F019102-063 hoses for your edible oil waste disposal needs. They’re designed with quality, reliability, and durability in mind, making them the go-to choice for the most demanding industrial applications. If you’re looking for exceptional hoses that offer optimal performance, the F019102-063 heavy-duty hose is the perfect solution for you.

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