Food & Beverage Grade PVC Suction/Discharge Hose | Heavy Duty, Flexible, Corrugated Cover Design | 2.5″ ID, 2.95″ OD, 75 PSI, 29″ Vacuum Rating

Heavy duty suction and discharge hose with an FDA PVC tube and cover with a static grounding wire along side a PVC helix. Designed for use with abrasives, water, light chemicals, powders, pellets and aqueous solutions. Corrugated cover design for improved flexibility.

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Clear PVC


-10°F to 140°F

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Introducing the advanced F017201-250 Heavy Duty Suction and Discharge Hose – your one-stop solution for handling a multitude of liquids and materials with ease. This hose is innovatively engineered with an FDA approved PVC tube and cover, making it an all-time safe choice for handling food and beverage products in the most efficient manner.

Apart from its safety features, this hose is designed to have excellent flexibility and durability with its unique corrugated cover design. This unique design makes it optimal for handling abrasives, powders, pellets, aqueous solutions, light chemicals, and even water seamlessly. With a wide temperature range of -10°F to 140°F, the hose is highly sustainable and perfect for use in various rigorous applications.

The F017201-250 hose is perfectly grounded with its static grounding wire and PVC helix, ensuring optimal performance and providing the perfect grounding mechanism. It has a diameter of 2.5 inches (ID) and an outer diameter of 2.95 inches (OD), with a maximum operating pressure of 75 PSI and a vacuum rating of 29. Its 3:1 burst ratio makes it an ideal choice for handling high-pressure applications, providing precision and stability.

This hose is an all-purpose solution that can be used in various industries where FDA PVC compliance is required. It is versatile enough to handle multiple materials and liquids, making it indispensable in numerous usage scenarios.

Experience the best in suction and discharge systems and try the F017201-250 Heavy Duty Suction and Discharge Hose today. Outshine the competition by opting for the most advanced tubing equipment your business can get.

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