Flexible Polyurethane Ducting for Temporary Heating Systems – 25ft Length, 24in ID, Steel Helix, Flame Resistant – D006224-2000

This sewn ducting is designed for air in temporary heating systems. For use with air movement, drying systems, tent heaters, fans and blowers, dryers and dehumidification. Polyurethane with polyester fabric has excellent UV resistance. Large pitch allows for significant compression and flexibility. Meets flame resistant UL94VTM-O, California Fire Marshal, and NFPA701 specifications

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13 lbs
25 in
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-60°F to 400°F

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The D006224-2000 sewn ducting is the exceptional product you have been searching for, specifically crafted for air circulation in temporary heating systems. This ducting boasts numerous applications, including air movement, drying systems, tent heaters, fans and blowers, dryers, and dehumidification. With its polyurethane and polyester fabric composition, the ducting guarantees durability and outstanding UV resistance, ensuring a long shelf life in rough outdoor conditions.

The product’s immense flexibility and elasticity are enhanced by its large pitch, making it easy to maneuver and compress as needed. Its safety features are also top-notch; having met flame resistant UL94VTM-O, California Fire Marshal, and NFPA701 specifications, it’s evidently a reliable choice for any application.

Installation is a breeze with the D006224-2000 sewn ducting. It’s highly versatile with its ability to withstand extreme temperatures of -60°F to 400°F, making it the ideal choice for several industries with distinct temperature needs. Transporting and maneuvering the product is also made easy with its weight of 13 pounds and a length of 25 inches. Compact storage further ensures that it fits into any workspace without any problems.

The product proves to be an excellent choice for temporary heating needs, combining durability, reliability, and ease of use. It’s the perfect solution for any project requiring air circulation. Order the D006224-2000 sewn ducting today and enjoy its many benefits.

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