Chemical Transfer Composite Hose – High Temp, Heavy-Duty, Flexible Design, White PTFE Tube, Stainless Steel Reinforcement – 1″ ID x 1.12″ OD, 250 PSI

This heavy-duty high temp suction and discharge composite hose is designed for use in chemical transfer applications. The flexible design is perfect for tank farms,midstream pumping locations, loading stations,and loading arm hoses. In applications where bend radius and weight are an issue with rubber, chemical composite is the perfect solution.

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White PTFE



Inner Helix


Outer Helix



-40°F to 250°F

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OD (in)


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Behold the ultimate solution for all your chemical transfer needs! Say hello to our new and improved heavy-duty high temperature suction and discharge composite hose which can stand up to extreme conditions. Its flexible design is perfect for use in a myriad of locations including tank farms, midstream pumping locations, loading stations, loading arm hoses and more. Furthermore, our composite construction outperforms conventional rubber hoses, making it the ideal choice when bend radius and weight are a concern.

Our exclusive hose boasts incredible durability and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°F to 250°F thanks to its white PTFE construction, making it the perfect fit for a wide variety of environments! Reinforced with polyfiber and equipped with an inner and outer helix made of stainless steel, our hose packs a serious punch and is able to handle even the toughest of chemical transfer applications.

If you’re an industrial professional or a DIY enthusiast looking for reliable equipment, look no further than our 8C08205-100 hose. Our product offers unbeatable performance and rock-solid reliability, guaranteeing you a product that won’t let you down. Don’t just take our word for it, order now and experience firsthand what sets our hose marvellously apart from the rest!

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