8C03205-200 Heavy-Duty Composite Hose | Chemical Transfer Hose – Natural Polypropylene Tube, POLYFIBER Reinforcement, Stainless Helix | 2″ ID, 2.24″ OD, 250 PSI | -40°F to 212°F Temperature Range

This heavy-duty suction and discharge composite hose is designed for use in general chemical transfer applications. The flexible design is perfect for tank farms,midstream pumping locations, loading stations,and loading arm hoses. In applications where bend radius and weight are an issue with rubber, chemical composite is the perfect solution.

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Natural polypropylene



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-40°F to 212°F

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Introducing the heavy-duty suction and discharge composite hose, the 8C03205-200, tailored to meet your general chemical transfer needs. Providing a flexible design, it is an ideal solution for a multitude of tasks, including tank farms, midstream pumping locations, loading stations, and even loading arm hoses. Unlike ordinary inflexible rubber hoses, this chemical composite hose possesses a bend radius that assures maximum maneuverability and versatility.

Made from natural polypropylene material, this hose offers superior resistance to chemical corrosion, making it an exceptionally versatile choice for challenging tasks. The POLYFIBER reinforcement feature adds extra strength to its structure, while the stainless steel inner and outer helix improves performance by preventing punctures and abrasions. This feature-packed hose performs optimally in unfavourable conditions, with operating temperatures ranging from -40°F to 212°F, making it a perfect fit in any climate.

The 8C03205-200 is a next-level composite hose that boasts an impressive 2-inch ID and a 2.24-inch OD. It can withstand high pressures up to 250 psi, making it an excellent option for a wide range of demanding applications. From acids to solvents and other tough chemicals, this hose is the ultimate answer to your operational needs.

For unparalleled strength, flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in chemical transfer activities, the 8C03205-200 composite hose reigns supreme. It is explicitly engineered for performance and built to last, making it a smart investment for any business. Place your order now and discover firsthand the quality this hose brings to your work.

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