Premium Chemical Suction Hose – 8006-0200-0240-SS-CXE – UHMW Tube, Cam Stainless, Textile Reinforced, Steel Helix – 2″ ID, 250 psi, -40°F to 250°F

This heavy-duty chemical suction and discharge hose is designed for use in a wide variety of chemicals in agricultural and industrial applications. UHMW tube handles a wide variety of chemicals and meets FDA standards for food service. Corrugated cover design for improved flexibility.

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Natural UHMW-PE






-40°F to 250°F

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Say hello to the ultimate companion for agricultural and industrial settings – the 8006-0200-0240-SS-CXE chemical suction and discharge hose. Packed with features perfect for heavy-duty use, this hose is designed for those seeking excellence in chemical transfer. You can trust this hose to withstand even the most corrosive chemicals without losing its integrity. Suitable for use with food service materials, the 8006-0200-0240-SS-CXE meets FDA standards, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are handling your chemicals safely.

Inside the 8006-0200-0240-SS-CXE is a UHMW tube that can handle an extensive range of chemicals, keeping your work environment safe and organized. The corrugated cover design adds to the hose’s flexibility, allowing it to transition quickly and smoothly in different bends and turns.

Crafted from natural UHMW-PE, the hose’s strength is further enhanced by the inclusion of textile material and a sturdy steel helix, making it resilient and capable of withstanding harsh conditions. Check out the 8006-0200-0240-SS-CXE’s impressive operating temperature range of -40°F to 250°F – it is built to last and can withstand extreme conditions.

Boasting an inner diameter of 2 inches and an outer diameter of 2.64 inches, the hose has a broad, sturdy base that ensures a reliable, non-buckling grip, even in high-pressure situations. It can delightfully handle a maximum pressure of 250 psi and has a burst ratio of 03:01:00. This hose’s versatility makes it ideal for gasoline, diesel fuel, ethanol, and various chemical transfers.

If you’re seeking a hose that offers reliability, durability, and versatility, then you need the 8006-0200-0240-SS-CXE – It’s an excellent investment for anyone looking for the perfect chemical transfer hose.

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