Industrial Chemical Hose | XLPE with Steel Helix | 1.5″ ID x 2.17″ OD | Textile Reinforcement | -40°F to 250°F Temperature | 200 PSI |

This heavy-duty XLPE chemical suction and discharge hose is designed for use in a wide variety of chemicals in agricultural and industrial applications. Ozone resistant cover stands up to the toughest conditions.

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Natural XLPE






-40°F to 250°F

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Discover the heavy-duty XLPE chemical suction and discharge hose, your ally for a wide variety of industrial and agricultural applications. No need to compromise reliability for adaptability, as our product delivers all-around resilience and durability while being ozone-resistant thanks to the ultimate hose technology and engineering showcased in its design.

The tube is crafted from Natural XLPE, a material known for its flexibility and corrosion resistance. The hose is further reinforced with textile to provide extra strength under high pressure, while the steel-made helix enhances the hose’s structural integrity. With a temperature range from -40°F to 250°F, the XLPE Chemical Hose can adapt to any requirement it may encounter.

Our highly dependable XLPE Chemical Hose features a 1.5-inch ID and a 2.17-inch OD, permitting a pressure rating of up to 200 psi and a 03:01:00 burst ratio (safety factor). This makes it an ultra-safe and reliable option for any industrial or agricultural application.

Our promise of maximum quality, reliability, and value holds true whatever your working environment may be. Whether you’re on a farm, in a factory, or at a construction site, you can trust our XLPE Chemical Hose to deliver the high performance your project deserves.

See for yourself the benefits of state-of-the-art hose technology by choosing our XLPE Chemical Hose and elevate your workflow to the next level. Don’t settle for average, order today and perform your tasks with the ultimate hose solution.

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