Heavy Duty Two Ply Sandblast Hose – NR/BR Abrasive Resistant Conductive Tube for Highly Abrasive Silica Conveying (), 0.5in ID, 1.06in OD, 150psi, -40°F to 180°F, Burst Ratio 03:01:00, Bend Radius 4 – Material Handling & Mining

This heavy duty two ply sandblast hose is specifically designed for use sandblast applications where highly abrasive silica and other abrasives are conveyed at high velocity. The highly abrasive resistant and robust tube prevents kinking and premature internal wear.

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Black NR/BR Abrasive Resistant- Conductive




-40°F to 180°F

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Looking for the ultimate solution to convey abrasive materials in your sandblast applications? Look no further than the 4008102-050, a heavy-duty hose that’s engineered with two-ply construction and designed to handle even the most abrasive of materials – including silica and other abrasive elements – at high velocities.

Not your average hose, this tubing stands out from the rest with its highly abrasion-resistant and robust tube that’s built to prevent untimely internal wear and kinking. The result? A long-lasting hose that provides reliable and consistent performance, no matter the environment.

Crafted from black NR/BR abrasion-resistant and conductive materials, this hose doesn’t shy away from extreme temperatures, thanks to its ability to withstand temps that range from -40°F to 180°F. Reinforced with textile, it’s the perfect combination of durability and flexibility, ensuring that it performs like a champ in every situation.

Measuring an impressive 0.5 inches in ID and 1.06 inches in OD, this high-performing hose can handle a pressure of up to 150 psi, due to the unique features that set it apart from other hoses in the market.

The 03:01:00 burst ratio safety factor and the low bend radius of 4 are two such features, which enable this hose to withstand extreme pressure and stress while also allowing it to be flexible enough to navigate tight spaces with ease. This innovation sets it apart from other hoses on the market, making it the top choice for applications in material handling and mining industries.

Ready to experience this hose’s unmatched quality and performance? Order yours today and discover the incredible benefits of the 4008102-050 sandblast hose for yourself.

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