Heavy-Duty Petroleum Dock Hose for Oil Transfer | 2008-2000-0240-CS-FXFL | Rated for 50% Aromatic Content | Conductive NBR Tube | Textile Reinforcement | Steel Helix | -40°F to 194°F | 20″ ID x 23.53″ OD | 250 PSI

This heavy-duty petroleum dock hose is designed for use with oils, petroleum based products, and refined fuels. For use in offshore oil transfer, tank truck, oilfield transfer and oil pumping applications. Rated for up to 50% aromatic content.

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Black Conductive NBR






-40°F to 194°F

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If you’re in search of a go-to, durable, and efficient dock hose, look no further than this heavy-duty petroleum hose. Made specifically for use with oils, petroleum-based products, and refined fuels, this hose is the perfect solution for offshore oil transfer, tank truck, oilfield transfer, and oil pumping applications, providing an exceptional level of reliability and resilience.

Constructed from black conductive NBR tubing to ensure unmatched strength and longevity, this hose is built to last. It features textile reinforcement and a steel helix, making it significantly resistant to abrasions, kinks, and crushing. The 2008-2000-0240-CS-FXFL is temperature compatible with a range from -40 °F to 194 °F, proving highly adaptable to a variety of environments.

At 20 inches in diameter, with an OD of 23.53 inches and a pressure rating of 250 PSI, this hose is incredibly versatile. Its 04:01:00 burst ratio safety factor guarantees further peace of mind when it comes to durability.

Trust in the quality and performance of this pre-made industrial hose to meet your dock hose needs and never take unnecessary risks again. Choose the 2008-2000-0240-CS-FXFL and get the job done with a reliable product that will become your go-to for all your petroleum applications.

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