Heavy-Duty Petroleum Suction and Discharge Hose | | 150 PSI | Nitrile Tube | Textile Reinforcement | Steel Helix | -22°F to 180°F | 10″ ID, 11.1″ OD | For Oil Transfer & Pumping

This heavy-duty petroleum suction and discharge hose is designed for use with oils, petroleum based products, and refined fuels. For use in offshore oil transfer, tank truck, oilfield transfer and oil pumping applications with aromatic content up to 50%.

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-22°F to 180°F

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In search of a stellar solution to handle the transfer of petroleum-based products, refined fuels and oils with ease? Look no further as we present the 2001103-1000, an exceptional petroleum suction and discharge hose that has got you covered. This reliable hose is an ideal fit for applications such as offshore oil transfer, oilfield transfer, oil pumping, and tank trucks while capable of handling aromatic contents up to 50%.

The 2001103-1000 is packed with superior features that make it a perfect fit for heavy-duty tasks. It boasts a nitrile tube, which is known for its ability to withstand a broad range of temperatures from -22°F to 180°F ensuring its durability. The TEXTILE reinforcement and STEEL helix also contribute immensely to the hose’s ruggedness and strength, ensuring that it can handle anything thrown its way.

This hose comes with dimensions of 10 inches in diameter and 11.1 inches in outer diameter and can handle an impressive 150 psi pressure levels, thanks to its bursting ratio of 03:01:00 that brings optimal safety to the table.

When looking for the perfect hose that will deliver the reliable performance needed for your toughest jobs, look no further. The 2001103-1000 is the solution to all your needs. With this dependable hose, you are guaranteed to give your project the quality and performance that it deserves. Turn to the 2001103-1000 for your next project and leave all your worries behind.

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