Heavy Duty 1C01205-1000 Water Transfer Composite Hose | 10″ ID x 11.5″ OD, 200 PSI, -40°F to 212°F | Natural Polypropylene Tube, POLYFIBER Reinforcement, Galvanized Helix

This heavy-duty suction and discharge composite hose is designed for use in water transfer applications. The flexible design is perfect for sewer bypass, dewatering or any other heavy duty water transfer pumping station. In applications where bend radius and weight are an issue with rubber, water trasfer composite is the perfect solution.

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Natural polypropylene



Inner Helix


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-40°F to 212°F

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Introducing our revolutionary heavy-duty suction and discharge water transfer composite hose, the 1C01205-1000. This game-changing product will exceed your expectations and meet the demands of even the most challenging water transfer applications with superior ease.

Unlike traditional rubber hoses, our composite hose is crafted to be lightweight and extremely flexible, allowing seamless maneuverability in hard-to-reach areas. Whether it’s sewer bypass, dewatering, or any other heavy-duty water transfer pumping station requirement, this hose is an absolute must-have for any industrial application.

Our tube is made of natural polypropylene, delivering maximum durability and resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and extreme environmental conditions. The reinforced polyfiber is the perfect solution for applications with high-stress demands. The galvanized inner and outer helix provide additional support to prevent kinking, crushing, or collapsing.

This composite hose can handle a temperature range of -40°F to 212°F and withstand pressure of up to 200 psi, making it suitable for numerous applications. You can trust the 1C01205-1000 to deliver unmatched performance and protection against rugged conditions for ultimate peace of mind.

Our hose is designed to meet the highest international quality standards, ensuring that it can handle even the most demanding tasks without compromising on effectiveness or durability. By investing in our water suction composite hose, you are opting for unparalleled flexibility, durability, and usability.

In essence, choose quality, choose 1C01205-1000. Order today and make an investment that will undoubtedly deliver positive results!

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