Medium-Duty Low Temperature Water Suction Hose | Clear PVC Tube, Blue PVC Helix | 1″ ID, 1.25″ OD | 65 PSI | Resistant to Chemicals | Ideal for Industrial, Construction, Dewatering, and Agricultural Use

This medium-duty low temperature water suction and discharge hose is designed for use in construction, dewatering, agricultural and industrial applications. PVC tube designed to handle residual chemicals in water transfer applications.

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Clear PVC




-40°F to 150°F

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Presenting the medium-duty low temperature water suction and discharge hose, your ultimate solution for all your construction, dewatering, agricultural, and industrial needs. Its advanced PVC tube has been precisely crafted to tackle those stubborn residual chemicals that often lurk in water transfer applications. Rest assured, this exceptional hose is perfect for both suction and discharge settings – it’s durable, flexible, and incredibly easy to handle.

The exceptional high-visibility of fluid movement is what sets this hose apart. The clear PVC tube is ingenious, making any potential blockages or clogs instantly noticeable and allowing you to act before they escalate. Moreover, the BLUE PVC helix provides additional resistance against abrasions, bolstering its durability and strength. Plus, this PVC water suction hose can function within a temperature range of -40°F to 150°F, making it ideal for use even in extreme weather conditions.

This hose boasts an impressive inner diameter of 1 inch and an outer diameter of 1.25 inches, delivering an adequate volume of water efficiently. It can handle PSI up to 65, ensuring steady water transfer while still providing an impeccable safety factor of 03:01:00(PSI). Additionally, it has a vacuum rating of 28 Hg at room temperature, actively clearing out any airlocks that might develop in your system.

Our versatile hose is an essential component for anyone working within water transfer applications, whether it’s for commercial, industrial, or residential purposes. It brings flexibility and dependability to any setting and is a must-have accessory for your toolkit. So why wait when you can order yours today and experience a stress-free, efficient water transfer process?

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