Heavy Duty Double Jacket Fire Hose for Construction, Agriculture, and Industrial Water Transfer – 1.5in x 50ft, 250psi, SBR Tube, TEXTILE Reinforcement

This heavy-duty double jacket fire hose is designed for use in construction, dewatering, agricultural and industrial applications. NR tube and polyester jacket are designed to handle residual chemicals in water transfer applications.

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Black SBR




-22°F to 158°F

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Looking for a top-quality fire hose that delivers robust and reliable performance? Your search ends with the 1022122-150-050 heavy-duty double jacket fire hose! Suited for diverse industrial, agricultural, construction, and dewatering applications, this hose is engineered to withstand even the harshest chemicals found in water-transfer operations.

Crafted with superior materials, such as a black SBR tube and a rugged polyester jacket, this fire hose promises unmatched longevity and endurance even in the toughest conditions. Its textile reinforcement adds to its overall strength and resistance, ensuring that it can perform safely and effectively even under high pressure situations.

This fire hose is uniquely designed to handle extreme temperatures, with the ability to withstand temperatures from -22°F all the way to 158°F. Its robust 03:01:00 burst ratio provides optimum safety margins during usage. At just 0.27 lbs/ft, this hose is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver on the job site, while still maintaining its durability and reliability.

Why put your project at risk with a substandard fire hose, when you have a high-quality option such as the 1022122-150-050 at your disposal? Don’t compromise on safety and quality, choose the 1022122-150-050 today, and watch as it delivers superior performance for your every need.

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