Clear PVC FDA Compliant Lightweight Tubing for Liquid Drain/Transportation – 1″ ID x 1.38″ OD x 100′ (SKU: )

A lightweight PVC tubing for use in liquid drain or transportation, meets FDA requirements. For use as a lightweight gasket or grommet material. 70A Durometer tubing for a wide variety of applications.

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Clear PVC FDA Compliant


25°F to 150°F

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Introducing our adaptable and multifunctional PVC tubing, engineered specifically for liquid drains and transportations. The 1015114-100-138 tubing surpasses industry standards, boasting superior quality and FDA compliance. This makes it an excellent choice for applications that adhere to health and safety regulations and require a high level of sensitivity.

This lightweight tubing comes with a diverse range of potential uses. It can be used as a first-rate gasket or grommet material, meeting your industrial needs with remarkable versatility and practicality. With a 70A Durometer, this tubing is engineered for impressive strength and flexibility, ensuring it can handle a wide variety of applications, making it an ideal solution for commercial and industrial use.

Its clear PVC material provides a transparent, crystal-clear look that is perfect for various applications, such as liquid transportation, aquarium tubing, and even for balloon inflators. Its durability in terms of temperature is also noteworthy, withstanding temperatures ranging from 25°F to 150°F and performing in a variety of environmental conditions. Its inner diameter of 1 inch and its outer diameter of 1.38 inches make it perfect for handling different liquid flow requirements, with a pressure rating of 40psi.

The 1015114-100-138 tubing has been tested and rated for safety and reliability, guaranteeing its ability to withstand moderate levels of force during use. Additionally, its lightweight construction, weighing in at just 0.38lbs/ft, ensures it can be manipulated easily and frequently, making it an ideal option for demanding and fast-paced applications.

In conclusion, the premium-quality 1015114-100-138 PVC tubing offers unbeatable value for money and is a trustworthy and versatile option that can meet your industrial needs with ease. Upgrade your industrial operations with this outstanding tubing that can withstand high levels of pressure and durability in a range of conditions. So, why wait? Choose our PVC tubing for your business and experience the unmatched superiority and practicality it offers.

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