Clear PVC FDA Compliant Tubing for Liquid Drain/Transportation | | Lightweight Gasket/Grommet Material | 0.63″ ID, 0.81″ OD, 70A Durometer

A lightweight PVC tubing for use in liquid drain or transportation, meets FDA requirements. For use as a lightweight gasket or grommet material. 70A Durometer tubing for a wide variety of applications.

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Clear PVC FDA Compliant


25°F to 150°F

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Welcome to our premium line of lightweight PVC tubing – a versatile solution to meet your specific needs for liquid drain or transportation applications. We guarantee a reliable, strong, and flexible tubing that fits any industrial or commercial requirements, and even for personal needs at home.

Crafted from high-grade, clear materials, our tubing boasts an impressive 70A Durometer rating. This means you can unreservedly use it for food or beverage applications, knowing that it adheres to FDA standards and protocols. Equally impressive is its suitability for industrial and commercial applications, including as a lightweight gasket or grommet material.

Our tubing is available in convenient sizes, measuring 0.63″ in ID and 0.81″ in OD, and is perfect for plumbing and fluid transfer applications. It functions effectively in a wide range of temperatures, withstanding extreme cold and hot temperatures of up to 25°F to 150°F. It is also engineered to withstand up to 50 psi pressure, with a reliable 03:01:00 burst ratio that ensures its durability.

Efficient and sleek, our tubing is also incredibly lightweight, with a mere 0.12 lbs/ft. It’s an excellent choice for transportation and handling, making it an ideal option for large-scale or commercial projects.

At our company, we aspire to provide the best quality products, coupled with unparalleled customer service. Whether you are a contractor, an industrial manufacturer, or a homeowner looking for the right PVC tubing, our product is the go-to choice. Order now and experience the versatility, durability, and high-quality of our PVC tubing, and we promise you won’t regret it!

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