FDA Compliant PVC Tubing for Liquid Drain or Transport – Lightweight 70A Durometer, 0.38″ ID x 0.56″ OD, 25°F to 150°F – SKU

A lightweight PVC tubing for use in liquid drain or transportation, meets FDA requirements. For use as a lightweight gasket or grommet material. 70A Durometer tubing for a wide variety of applications.

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Clear PVC FDA Compliant


25°F to 150°F

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Say hello to our astounding lightweight PVC tubing specially crafted for diverse liquid drain and transportation applications. Our outstanding tubing meets the highest FDA requirements, ensuring unparalleled quality and safety for a broad range of industries, including the food and beverage sectors. Our PVC tubing boasts of a 70A Durometer tubing rating, your assurance of a versatile solution that can handle a vast range of applications, thus a no-brainer choice for your industrial needs.

With our see-through PVC tubing, you can easily monitor the flow and detect any potential problems that may arise quickly. It doesn’t stop there; using our high-quality tubing as a lightweight gasket or grommet material guarantees a dependable and secure seal that improves efficiency and prevents hazards.

Our top-of-the-range PVC tubing operates in temperatures ranging from 25°F to 150°F, ideal for your industrial needs irrespective of the temperature needs. With its perfect ID of 0.38 inches and OD of 0.56 inches, our tubing is intentionally designed to fit your unique specification, while boasting a pressure handling capacity of up to 55 psi that remains reliable and effective even under challenging working conditions.

Our PVC tubing features an impressive burst ratio of 03:01:00, providing a significant safety factor and making it fit for use under extreme pressure situations. It also weighs a meager 0.08 lbs/ft, providing you with an ultralight and cost-effective solution for your industrial needs.

In summary, If you seek an adaptable, dependable, and cost-effective solution for liquid drain or transportation applications, try our PVC tubing. Our high-quality tubing is FDA compliant, providing excellent durability and versatility. It’s incredibly versatile and ideal for use as a lightweight gasket or grommet material and can operate in a wide range of applications.

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