Clear PVC FDA Compliant Tubing for Liquid Drain or Transport – Lightweight 70A Durometer with 0.13″ ID and 0.25″ OD – Pressure Rated up to 65 psi – 25°F to 150°F Temperature Range –

A lightweight PVC tubing for use in liquid drain or transportation, meets FDA requirements. For use as a lightweight gasket or grommet material. 70A Durometer tubing for a wide variety of applications.

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Clear PVC FDA Compliant


25°F to 150°F

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The incredible 1015114-013-025 is a remarkably flexible and light PVC tubing that’s been expertly designed to handle a broad range of liquid transportation, and drainage applications. This tubing boasts an ideal durometer rating of 70A, which makes it easy to handle in any setting. The unique design of this tubing offers an ideal lightweight solution for use as a gasket or grommet material, making it highly versatile and a perfect fit for a wide range of applications.

Not only does the 1015114-013-025 tubing look great, but it has also passed the stringent FDA requirements, ensuring that it’s safe for use in critical food and beverage applications. Whether you’re in the beverage, food, or pharmaceutical industry, this tubing is suitable for various applications.

The clear PVC material used in the construction of the tubing ensures you can monitor the flow of liquid through the pipe easily. That way, it’s easy to detect any potential problems, such as leakages or blockages. This allows for prompt corrective action to be taken, ensuring a seamless, efficient operation at all times.

With an excellent temperature range of 25°F to 150°F, the 1015114-013-025 tubing is compatible with many industrial applications. Its small diameter adds ease of use and portability, with an outside diameter of only 0.25 inches and a diameter of 0.13 inches. As a result, it’s lightweight and effortless to store in any setting.

Boasting a pressure rating of 65 PSI with a safety factor of 03:01:00, the tubing can handle moderate pressure with ease, making it the ideal tubing solution for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re transporting fluids through vast networks or handling minor liquid transportation issues, the 1015114-013-025 tubing is highly reliable and reasonably priced, perfect for any project or application. Order now and experience the benefits today.

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