Blue PVC Water Discharge Hose – 6 in. ID x 6.31 in. OD, 50 PSI – For Construction, Agricultural & Industrial Use – Resistant to Chemicals – Temperature Range -5°F to 170°F – Textile Reinforcement

This light-duty PVC water discharge hose is designed for use in construction, dewatering, agricultural and industrial applications. PVC tube and cover are designed to handle residual chemicals in water transfer applications.

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Blue PVC




-5°F to 170°F

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Get ready to meet a new addition to our collection, the light-duty PVC water discharge hose, the perfect answer to your diverse range of needs. With this hose, end-users can accomplish an array of tasks, including water transfer in agriculture, construction, dewatering, and many industrial settings.

Our PVC hose features a durable tube and cover that is constructed with robust PVC. This property makes it resistant to wear and tear, providing you with optimal longevity. Additionally, the blue PVC tube is reinforced with high-quality textiles to ensure that it can withstand moderate pressure and bending.

In a broad range of temperatures, our PVC water discharge hose can handle the heat! With a temperature tolerance of -5°F to 170°F, this hose can uniquely fit into cold and hot climates without any significant damages. Measuring six inches in inner diameter (ID) and about 6.31 inches in the outer diameter (OD), it is designed to cater to customers with a larger hose application.

For those wondering about the hose’s pressure rating, this product delivers an impressive 50 psi range. It is guaranteed to meet your discharge needs while keeping you safe. With a burst ratio of 03:01:00, we assure that you get a product that will always remain at the top of its game.

Purchasing our PVC water discharge hose guarantees you a quality product identified by its part number 1009123-600 and SKU 1009123-600. Sold by the foot, this trusty hose weighs in at 0.86 lbs per foot, making it easy to carry around.

Our water discharge hose offers you the versatility, durability, and safety you need to accomplish your task like a pro. Our product is excellent for professionals in the construction, agriculture, and industrial industries alike. Order now and experience the benefits of this high-quality hose.

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