Blue PVC Water Discharge Hose – 1.5″ ID x 1.73″ OD, 80 PSI, Textile Reinforcement, -5°F to 170°F – Ideal for Construction, Agriculture, Dewatering & Industrial Applications –

This light-duty PVC water discharge hose is designed for use in construction, dewatering, agricultural and industrial applications. PVC tube and cover are designed to handle residual chemicals in water transfer applications.

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Blue PVC




-5°F to 170°F

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Allow us to present the latest addition to our product family – the light-duty PVC water discharge hose that is capable of performing impeccably across a myriad range of industries. Whether you intend to use it in your next construction project, dewatering, agricultural applications or as an essential component in your industrial machinery, our 1009123-150 hose offers an unmatched level of performance.

Our tube and cover are made of robust PVC material that can handle the most advanced and residual chemicals involved in water transfer applications. The blue PVC tube, reinforced with textile material, adds an extra layer of strength and durability to the hose, making it a perfect option for versatile usage.

We have designed and built this hose with safety as our top priority. It is rated to work in temperatures ranging from -5°F to 170°F, meaning it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Further, this PVC water discharge hose comes with a 1.5″ ID and 1.73″ OD, making it ideal for moderate discharge applications, with an 80 PSI pressure rating. The hose’s weight, which stands at 0.19 pounds per foot, makes it easy to handle and maneuver while maintaining high-strength tubing construction.

Our creation with an impressive 03:01:00 burst ratio gives an additional safety factor, ensuring that the hose can handle increased pressure without fear of bursting. This feature offers complete peace of mind when it comes to safety issues.

If you’re looking for a hose in the industrial market that can guarantee reliable service, then our light-duty PVC water discharge hose is your best bet. Its compact size, lightweight design, and incredible performance will make it your go-to option for any job site or industrial settings. This hose is built to last and will guarantee longevity in the toughest of environments.

Get ready to experience quality service with our best-in-class light-duty PVC water discharge hose that will exceed your expectations. Choose the 1009123-150 for your next project without compromising on your quality standards!

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