| Light-Duty PVC Water Suction Hose for Construction, Dewatering & Industrial Applications | Clear PVC Tube with WHITE PVC Helix | 1″ ID, 1.29″ OD | 100 PSI Max Pressure | 28 Vacuum Rating

This light-duty water suction and discharge hose is designed for use in construction, dewatering, agricultural and industrial applications. PVC tube designed to handle residual chemicals in water transfer applications.

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Clear PVC




-23°F to 140°F

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Meet the 1002106-100! This amazing water suction and discharge hose is a dependable solution for all your water transfer needs. Whether it’s used for dewatering, in construction, agricultural or industrial environments, this versatile light-duty hose can handle it all.

What sets the 1002106-100 hose apart is its transparent PVC tube that can withstand residual chemicals and its robust WHITE PVC helix design that provides exceptional strength and visibility. With a commendable temperature range of -23°F to 140°F, this 1-inch hose is perfect for use in extreme weather conditions as well.

Boasting an OD of 1.29 inches, it can generate a pressure of 100 psi with its impressive safety burst ratio of 03:01:00. With a vacuum rating of 28, it can effortlessly suction water, even with low-pressure conditions.

No matter what the task, the 1002106-100 is up for the challenge. It can handle heavy-duty work with ease, making it the go-to for agricultural irrigation, regular oil pumping, and water pumping at construction sites. At the same time, it’s portable, lightweight, and simple to handle, making it ideal for any equipment that you might need to move around.

Invest in the 1002106-100 hose today to speed up and streamline your water transfer process. It’s durable, versatile, and packed with strength – everything you’ll ever need from a water suction and discharge hose. So, why hold back? Order now and experience the best in water transfer technology for your industrial needs!

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