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September 2017


Our customer needed to hold tight tolerances on a hydraulic assembly, so we created a jig. We put the fittings in the jig to get the correct cut length, then use the jig for a go/no go gauge after it is crimped.

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Continental CONTITECH

Did you Know?

  • Allied Rubber & Supply Company is one of the largest, premier, stocking distributors of industrial hose, fittings, ducting and tubing in the Mid Atlantic region.
    ContiTech Oil & Gas segment has been at the forefront of flexible hose technology, predominantly in the marine environment, for well over 60 years.
  • Industrial hoses from ContiTech Fluid Technology boast a high resistance to pressure, temperature, and media.

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Co-Workers at National Hose & Accessory coming together to help one of their own with home repairs


We Stand with Houston

Over 6 million people occupy roughly 2200 square miles of Houston and in the recent days we all have felt the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. With over 50” of rainfall in a matter of days the area has seen unprecedented flood levels and a potential overall cost estimated at $160B!

We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to everyone that has been affected by this tragic event. National Hose & Accessory is a valued sister company in part of Singer Industrial that has shown great strength and dedication to one another during this difficult time.

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